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what do you mean freak?

a song about a friend

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Those are your shoes.
These are my shoes.

We've got issues.

My name is Jordyn.
I live for music in the
golden state of California.
If you don't like random, sometimes pointless entries, I suggest you leave now.
Remember, darling, it's my journal.

Oh, yeah. Friends only.

3:33, aesop rock, alchohol, alkaline trio, angels, animals, atmosphere, basketball, bean bags, beating small children, blinds, blink 182, boys, brother ali, candles, card games, caroline, cats van bags, ckjge, cookiemonster, crow creek sioux, cuts, dancing, dashboard confessional, dave chapelle, drew barrymore, drugs, edd and joe, edward scissorhands, elmo, emo, eyedea, fat kid running, fortune games, friends of the enemy, god loves ugly, going to games, green, grouch, hair, hate, heiroglyphics, hip hop, history, horoscopes, icecream, internet, issue 10, jay-z, johnny depp, jurassic 5, laptops, living legends, lj, love, lucy ford, marcus, mathew, meeting you, men, minus vince, modern man's hustle, morning, mountains, movies, mr. dibbs, murs, music, my cell phone, my godfamily, my mom, my shower, mysteries, newfound glory, night, nineth gate, normal like you, oliver hart, overachievers, overcast!, painting, palm trees, peanuts, people, pepsi, piercings, pillows, pirates of the carribean, pizza, popcorn, pulling out my hair, reading magazines for hours, return december, rhymesayers, rings, rjd2, san francisco, saves the day, se7en, sean daley, seven's travel, sex, shoes, shopping, sioux, sleep, slug, snowboarding, soda, spoken word, starbucks, staulking certain individuals, suburban legends, taking back sunday, taking pictures, talib kweli, talking on the phone, tattoos, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the bathroom, thursday, toes, towers, tribal, tv, twin size beds, underground hip hop, volleyball, warfield, weed, whales, whats on your mind, white boards, words., yellowcard